What is Geocoinfest?

GEO: GEOcaching
COIN: trackable object in coin form

The geocaching (or geocoin) festival. The Geocoinfest is an event that takes place twice a year. Once in the United States and once in Europe. Given its rarity, it is qualified as a MEGA, and has quickly become one of the biggest festivals of its kind.

Previous festivals:

● 2007 : First geocoinfest ever in Temecula (California)

● 2008 : Pittsburgh (Pennsylvania)

● 2009 : Salt Lake City (Utah)

● 2010 : Minneapolis (Minnesota)

● 2011 : First European Geocoinfest : Cologne (Germany) + Charlotte (Caroline du nord)

● 2012 : Lisbon (Portugal) + Parker (Colorado)

● 2013 : Prague (Czech republic) + Las Vegas (Nevada)

● 2014 : Ulm (Germany) + Houston (Texas)

● 2015 : Eindhoven (The Netherlands) + Ashland (Nebraska)

● 2016 : Berchtesgaden (Germany) + Saint Louis (Missouri)

● 2017 : Aarschot (Belgium) and Long BEACH (California, USA)

● 2018 : Nantes (France) + Seattle (Washington, USA)

Producers from all over Europe will be present in Manchester offering a wide range of geocoins as well as geocaching related equipment. The Geocoins and Travel Bugs will be the stars of the event. This will be the perfect occasion to discover some of the rarest objects, along with some of the newest creations. It will also be the perfect place to meet fellow collectors, swap on our “trading floor” or just catch up with others sharing the same passion.

Travel bugs each have a unique Identification number and are referenced on the geocaching.com site, each object having a set of instructions set by you (for example “Go and visit the Statue of Liberty” or even “Visit each of the European Countries”). You can follow each objects’ progression as they make their way from cache to cache. You can thus “travel” the world with your travel bug, thanks to notes and photos that the Geocachers leave on the web site. There will also be exclusive Geocoinfest 2019 trackables and pathtags available on the day.

Geocoins can be released into ‘the wild’ to travel from cache to cache but they are also highly collectible. Geocoinfest 2019 in Manchester will have a vast array of Geocoins available both to buy and to discover.

Of course our UK Geocoinfest coin will also be available for sale as well as an RE Antique Copper, LE (GCF EU 2018 only) Antique Silver (50 made), LE (GCF US 2018 only) Antique gold (50 made). We will also have the LE Painted Black and gold (100 made) available soon. We will have an attendees coin in the registration packs. This will have regular edition, limited, and VIP editions. Have a look at our registration page for more information.