Welcome Event Brewery Tour


These are for a 1-hour tour of Robinsons Brewery. £5 is refundable at the end of the tour.
Tour details: A 1 hour guided tour of the Robinsons Brewery starting from the Welcome Event. Tour includes steep stairs, low roofs, strobe lighting and meeting horses so is not suitable for all persons. At the end of the tour, each person will receive a free sample or two of the breweries beers (any age can go on the tour but is beer strictly for 18 years and over only). Event code: GC841EG

4 time options:

  • 19.30hrs
  • 19.45hrs
  • 20.00hrs
  • 20.15hrs
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19.30 / 7:30pm, 19.45 / 7:30pm, 20.00 / 8:00pm, 20.15 / 8:15pm