GeoCoinfest 2019

7th September 2019 at Manchester Central Exhibition Centre


GEO: GEOcaching
COIN: trackable COIN

Geocoinfest started in 2007 and grew to become an international event by 2013, now holding 2 annual events each year.

Producers from all over Europe will be present in Manchester offering a wide range of geocoins as well as geocaching related equipment. The Geocoins and Travel Bugs will be the stars of the event. This will be the perfect occasion to discover some of the rarest objects, along with some of the newest creations. It will also be the perfect place to meet fellow collectors, swap on our “trading floor” or just catch up with others sharing the same passion.

Science, Industry and Society

Manchester has always been a meeting place for scientists, engineers and entrepreneurs. Together, their ideas and inventions have transformed the way we live and work.

From the first true canal, to the first test tube baby, discovery of electrons, protons and neutrons, to the splitting of the atom Manchester has always been at the forefront of science.

Manchester’s industrial heritage started with the cotton trade and boomed in the Industrial revolution and later earned the name “Cottonopolis”.

Manchester’s population exploded as people moved from all over the UK, Central and Eastern Europe into the city seeking new opportunities. By the end of the 19th century, Manchester became very cosmopolitan.

"What Manchester does today,
the rest of the world does tomorrow."

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